Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally & Finale

My website is finally updated with the cover, blurb, and excerpt of Weeding Out Trouble, the fifth book in the Nina series and also the last. I found while writing the story that I was more emotionally invested in this book than any of the others. I truly feel it's one of my best, and I hope that comes across to readers.

A quick tease:

The Nina Series Finale
Where all these questions will be answered:

Why is Nina breaking and entering?
Why is Kevin living with Nina?
Where's Kit?
Why does Brickhouse become Nina's partner in crime?
Why is Riley spending so much time at a neighbor's house?
Will Ana ever find a man?
Why is Bobby setting off smoke detectors?
What really happened to Kevin's first wife?
Why are there wild turkeys on the loose in Nina's neighborhood?
Why is Perry hiding out from Mario?
Who does Nina finally choose...Kevin or Bobby?

To read chapter one, pop over to my website...


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