Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life in Fast Forward

My life seems to going at only one speed lately--fast forward. I'm hoping it won't stay this way, because honestly, though most of it has been fun, I'm tired. In between birthdays, the end of school, high school graduation, book conferences, a book fair, funnel clouds, camps, chauffeuring, almost-accidents, cicadas (yuck!) and babysitting my adorable 3 month old niece for a week, oh, and a deadline July 1st...I need a vacation.

Thankfully, I just booked one. To one of my family's favorite places--Stowe, Vermont. Reservations are in place for early July, and hopefully all will be calm and peaceful by then, my book will be done and sent, and gas prices will have miraculously dropped since we're driving to Vermont. This is the happy delusion I'll be living under for the next few weeks. If I think it, it will happen, right?


  1. Once the high school graduate moves out, you'll feel 33% less stress.

  2. That may be conservative, as it assumes the high school graduate is only responsible for 33% of the stress.

  3. Stowe is a lovely area...I live in South Burlington.

    Have you ever come to Vermont in the fall? That is when the state is at it's most beautiful.

  4. Theo, anon has a point. A very valid point...

    Melissa, we've not been to VT in the fall--just the summer. Every summer for the past, gosh, seven years? Eight? We looove it. We do hope to get there during foliage season one year and winter, too!

  5. Heather, you're not allowed to complain and show that cute baby picture at the same time. She's so adorable!
    Seriously, hope things slow down for you soon.


  6. must be something with the family and VT. my parents, Jason and his family go to Killington towards the end of July every year.

    did you get to see the Red Sox while they were in town?

    hope life is a bit less stressful!