Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been stripping wallpaper, sanding, and painting for the last five days. The house is a mess. I'm a mess (why doesn't latex primer come off skin easily?). And you don't want to see my painting attire. Not pretty.

But the walls are! They're coming along. And only three more rooms, a stairwell, and a hallway left to go...

Then the floor work begins.

Gotta love home improvements!


  1. This is my 1st visit to your website after starting your Nina Quinn series. Wanted to see what was up next. I'm getting a real kick out of your blogs. Reading them thinking, wow, how similar our lives have been lately. No wonder I enjoy your writing. I just finished stripping wallpaper, painting, etc. in a bath. No floors, thankfully! I also Love and drink waaay too much Dr. Pepper. Mostly in the PM, I stick to watered down Mtn. Dew in the AM. Favorite sport is baseball, my son pitches in the Texas Rangers organization, so I too felt Scott Feldman's pain that night against Boston. Strangely, before my son got drafted by Texas, Boston was his favorite team! I too was caught up in olympic gymnastics. My son is engaged to a gymnast, and those girls work so hard! I too have migraines. Imitrex works wonders for me. Small world! Thanks for the great books!

  2. Shouldn't you be blogging about monkey cards?

  3. Kelly, that is a lot in common! I'm glad you found your way over here. I wish I could take Imitrex (et al)--I have a bad reaction to that class of medicine. Unfortunately! So glad you enjoy the books!

    Theo--maybe some other day.