Thursday, October 16, 2008


As my daughter so eloquently asked, "When are those freaky crane flies going to go away?"

This picture doesn't do the bug justice. It's like a mosquito on steroids (except it doesn't bite people, thank goodness). Every year this time, these creepies are everywhere. Right now they're loving our garage (population: 20 and counting). I hate to kill them when I know they're just trying to stay warm, but my patience is running thin. They're freaky and they're freaking me out.



  1. Those things are down here too.

    Picture this: a rather short woman, in mismatching pj's consisting of a MUTTS shirt and her husbands BCT sweatpants, fuzzy purple socks on her feet, and more than one glass of wine in her system... and she sees the bug near the ceiling of her apartment, just hanging out on the wall.

    Now, said woman grabs one of her shoes, climbs up on her sofa, and tries to swat the massive bug.

    Bug flies off, woman runs over furniture, steps on dog, almost falls off easy chair, only to have the dog kill the bug by sitting on the blanket where he'd landed.

    Can I move to Anartica?

  2. LOL, Marissa! That's quite a picture you paint. And aren't those bugs just annoying????