Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's been a little over 5 weeks since the VCR incident of '08, which resulted in me having to wear this:

But yesterday I went to see my orthopedic doctor and my broken foot is doing much, much better. So much so that I was given the green light to "transition" to normal footwear. Which essentially means I get to give the boot the boot!

I'm free.

Much joy.




  1. what did you do to yourself?

    glad that you're getting rid of the boot though :)

  2. I am on Week 11 of wearing my lovely sandal - I simply stepped wrong and broke my foot in two places on top. Hopefully one more week and I'll get to transition to a regular shoe as well - although my foot now hurts in new places from wearing this goofy thing for so long. Consider yourself very lucky!

  3. Katie, I'm going to link you back to the original telling--over at the Cozy Chicks:


    I'm SO glad to be rid of it too!

  4. 11 weeks????!!!!! I think for that, you deserve a treat, Ann. How about a copy of Weeding out Trouble? Send me your snail mail address at heather@heatherwebber.com and I'll send an autographed book to you.

    I went with regular shoes today and have to admit I'm a little achy...but I don't want to put that boot back on! Think I'll just rest for the remainder of the day!