Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's All About the Candy

Made a Target run for Halloween candy and was pleasantly surprised they still had a decent selection. I know the going theory is that you shouldn't buy candy you like so you're not tempted to eat all the leftovers... To that I say: Phhhbbllltttt.

Leftovers are what make Halloween tolerable for me (see tomorrow's blog on the Cozy Chicks).

So, what did I buy?

-Junior Mints
-M&Ms (mini, peanut [which I'll hoard], and regular)
-3 Musketeers

I'm hoping no one notices the bags are already open...



  1. My bags are open too.

    I see it as our civic duty. To make sure the bag's contents are safe for consumption.


  2. Civic duty? I like the way you think, Laura!

  3. see I always wait until the day after to buy candy. its the quantity, not quality as Josh says.

  4. We have plenty of quantity here, Katie! I've been eating a ton of Snickers everyday. Not that that's a bad thing...