Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow

Yesterday, the first flakes of the season fell from the dreary gray sky. Actually, mostly ice, they they kind of torpedoed from the sky, pinging against the windows, bouncing off the ground where they promptly melted.

Today we had big fat lazy flakes drifting to the ground. At 28* it was cold enough to get a good dusting before the skies cleared and the sun melted the white away.

I love the first snow, the simple beauty it brings. The flurries are nice, but I can't wait for the first heavy snow where the shovels are needed and snowball fights are a must. And is it too early to hope for a white Christmas? Just askin'.



  1. it is never too early to ask for a White Christmas. I know better than to hope for one here, but I still dream. I'm hoping we'll have one in PA for Christmas though.

  2. Katie, you never know! We've had quite a few white Christmases here, and you're not that far away...