Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Giving Up

I'm giving up on giving up Dr Pepper.

I was going strong for a while (only two in 13 days), then...

Well, let's just say I fell off the DP wagon.

I've finally decided that as vices go, this one isn't too bad. I eat a well-balanced diet, so a little high fructose every day is now perfectly acceptable in my opinion.

I think I just need to accept this love for DP, embrace it even.

So there it is. Pass a glass, will ya?



  1. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will have much more peace now!


  2. that would be like me trying to give up Pepsi. not happening.

    next time we shall have to toast glasses of DP.

  3. Merely a sign of greater weaknesses...

  4. Laura, peace would be nice!

    And Katie, I have friends that would go to battle over their Diet Cokes, so I know I'm not alone.