Friday, December 5, 2008


The only drawback I've experiencd so far with early Christmas shopping...

The returns!

Who'd have thunk it?

I've had to make 3 (3!) returns so far. In fact, I had to unwrap a present to return it (because the recipient just bought the item for himself).

As my friend Laura said, "No one should be able to shop for themselves after October."

I agree!

And of course, the ONE packing slip I need for a return I couldn't find amidst all the others...

'Tis the season, right?



  1. Just send me cash.

  2. Unless I'm buying for my husband or children I give gift cards. I know it sounds impersonal but I'm lazy. The holiday season is so incredibly busy I don't have the time or patience to keep going back to the store. Kudos to people who enjoy making sure friends and family are happy with their gifts.

  3. Theo, no.

    Marsha, I'm with you on the gift card bandwagon. I love getting them, I love giving them. To me they are thoughtful! No returns necessary.