Monday, December 22, 2008

Think I'll Stay Inside Today

It's currently 3* here. With wind chills in negative (inhuman) numbers. Yesterday hovered around 12* (dropping to 4* before bed), with wind chills in the negative (how cold can it get???) numbers.

The thing is, the colder it gets, the quicker we move when we're outside. Yesterday at the grocery store there were people sprinting to and from their cars (hey--I wasn't the only one).

My husband went running yesterday (I know), and shaved two minutes off his time from the previous week.

The cold spurs action. No one wants their backsides to freeze (or front-sides for that matter).

This is the perfect time to start an exercise regime.

Or...I could just cuddle in my blanket and drink cocoa.

Decisions, decisions...



  1. If I weren't at work I'd cuddle in a blanket with cocoa and a Christmas book.

    Here in northern Vermont, we had 2 snow storms over the weekend with a total of about 20" of snow. Not terribly cold right now though.

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  3. always cuddling with a blanket and hot chocolate. always. running is evil.

  4. Next time your husband goes running in 10 degree weather, lock him out. Life lesson!

  5. The cocoa and blanket won out. As if there was really another choice...