Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching Up

Now that I've sent off my book (hooray!), I'm trying to catch up with everything that's been put off for the last month. Thankfully, the house isn't horrible, but only because my husband loves to clean (one of his many wonderful qualities). I have tons of errands to run, forms to fill out, etc. etc. Life really doesn't wait around while I'm on deadline. (Though I kind of wish it would!)

One of the first things on my catch up list, is to post some pics from last week's storm.

This one was taken by my husband the day after the storm hit. We're still wondering if the tree will bounce back come spring. That's what 8" of snow and 1" of ice will do to a pine tree.

These next two were taken by me as I tried (operative word) to capture the incredible beauty of the sun glittering off the ice-encased tree. Truly beautiful.

Like I said, I tried. It didn't quite capture it, but they're still nice pictures. And, honestly, I hope I don't see more ice for the rest of the winter.



  1. Congrats on finishing!! And, actually, the pictures are quite good. Yay!

  2. Yeah for you!!!!

    We got socked with ANOTHER 4 or so inches of snow.


  3. We had another 6" inches yesterday. The kids have yet another day off. It IS really pretty--and thankfully no ICE!