Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reality Roundup

You should all know by now that I love Reality TV (much to the embarrassment of some who reside in my household).

Lately I've been staying up late to see Top Chef (still no DVR here). This is truly one of my favorite reality series, and this season in particular is above and beyond fun. Between the adorable Fabio and the mischievous egotistical villain Stefan, it's amazing the food hasn't taken a backseat. Love it. And can't wait for the finale, though that means it will be quite some time before a new season.

I'm also really looking forward to Amazing Race starting up again this weekend. It's been my top reality show for what seems like forever. Can't wait to hear those infamous words: "I'm sorry to say you're the last team to arrive."

And, okay, I admit I've been tuning into American Idol too. I. Can't. Help. Myself.

And, okay, I confess: I don't want to.




  1. I'm a sucker for a bunch of these shows, too! I do love Fabio and his funny sayings. My favorite was his accented, "Is not Top Scallop!" And, yeah, I'm sucked back into the American Idol vortex again this year...

  2. Jessica, I loved Fabio's "bunky bed". LOL! I hope he sticks around to the finale, but I think that Stefan will win. (Hope I'm wrong!)

  3. Ugh, I loathe Stephan, but I think he has a very good chance. Fabio will have to win favorite contestant or whatever that audience-voted title is. He is a hoot!