Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Rant and A Rave Wednesday


What have the makers of cereal done? Why can't we get into the boxes or the bags inside without a major fight and the use of some scissors, teeth, or sharp knife? Is it the economy? Have they switched the glue on us? I've heard of child-proofing, but this may be taking things too far.


It's so rare that a doctor's office will go above and beyond for you. It was a nice surprise to get a note from my daughter's oral surgeon (she had to have four teeth extracted) that they were going to contact our insurance company about not paying a certain fee (we'd just been planning to pay it!). So, a rave to that office. Thank you.


  1. Why do they print instructions on medication bottles so teeny tiny small where even a magnifying glass doesn't help?

  2. Dru, I know what you mean. My reading vision has gone downhill since I had Lasik done and teeny tiny print--on anything--is frustrating!

  3. I want to know why the heck cereal is SO expensive?????????
    More than meat per pound. And, laundry detergent???
    What's up with that price????? Don't get me started!

    Sorry it took me so long to
    thank you for answering my question about your Nina series.

    I hurt my arm mowing my lawn.
    Hubby bought me a new lawnmower and it has too much power! (Beware of the rear-wheel drive) My hell, I looked like a toddler trying to walk a great dane.
    Not pretty.

    Anyway,I'm bummed about Ms. Nina but shall press on. I'll be first in line when your new book comes out!

    Gayle D

  4. Hi Gayle!

    Sales. It's really the only way to shop nowadays, isn't it? Seems like so many prices went up because of "fuel costs" but I haven't seen them come back down since the oil price went down.

    LOL on the image of the toddler with a Great Dane! So sorry about your arm, though. Hope it's better now.

    And thanks for supporting Nina! Hope you like Lucy just as much.

  5. Oh oh oh!....Mr. UPS man just delivered Surrender, My Love.
    I'm gonna give it a go.

    Gayle in Utah

  6. Stumped by the complexities of a fresh cereal box? Not exactly a ringing endorsement of your mystery skilz.

    Or perhaps it's a sign that you should be making your children a hot breakfast in the morning.

  7. Gayle, don't you love UPS deliveries? I hope you like the book!

    Theo, the cereal was for me . And have you opened a box lately? I didn't think so.