Monday, July 6, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen

Original post date: May 14, 2007

I went to a chick flick movie yesterday.

That’s not so surprising. Well, I suppose it might be considering the last time I saw a movie at the theater was last summer. But I digress…

What was really surprising was that I went to the movie with my daughter.

It hits hard that she’s getting old enough to see a chick flick. There are additional clues, as well. There are more hair products in the bathroom than usual; the shoe shelf in the garage is overflowing with sandals and cute flip-flops that don’t belong to me; I often borrow nail polish from her extensive collection; she can watch—and follow along with the trials and tribulations of the models on America’s Next Top Model, while offering up valuable but snarky comments (i.e. “she needs her eyebrows done”); and the most eye-opening clue: my husband, aka Laundry Man, keeps confusing my shirts for hers, hers for mine, and I have the feeling our pants aren’t far behind. My daughter and I now automatically go through our piles, pulling out what does not belong to us, and meet in the hallway for a quick exchange.

My little one is growing up.

Sigh, sniff, and hooray! In that order.

It’s was a fun Mother’s Day, shopping at the bookstore with her (she bought “Princess on the Brink,” “The Lightning Thief,” and “Best Friends for Never, A Clique Novel”) for which she paid for on her own, pulling her wallet from the cute purse she now carries. (I bought “Little Men” by Louisa May Alcott, because I’m on a “Little Women” kick at the moment.) Then we were off to the movies to see “Waitress,” which we both really enjoyed, though my daughter told me next time we go to see a chick flick, we bring tissues.

She’s wise beyond her years.

I really hope we make days like we had yesterday more common around here, and not just reserved for Mother’s Day and the like. We’ll start next weekend, when we trek off to see the new Shrek movie, though I suspect we’ll have a couple of “our boys” with us as well.

I’ll still pack the tissues.


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