Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm just about to throw myself into the revisions of the third Lucy Valentine Novel: Absolutely, Positively. I've taken the last few weeks off to work around the house--completely redoing my daughter's bedroom, refinishing the kitchen table (I'm on my 6th coat of polyurethane!) and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. My office is still quite the mess (since there's a table top in it), but the piles are getting smaller and smaller. The end of the clutter is in sight.

I need to get all this stuff done before I start writing again because once I'm into a story, I'm into the story. I don't want to think about dust bunnies or filing or a kitchen table that needs work. It helps that the kids head back to school on Wednesdays. Starting at 7 am, I'll have the whole day to myself until 3. No carpooling at all, which is kind of sad on one hand and liberating on the other. I should have lots of time to get some great writing done.

And after those revisions are done, well, the upstairs bathroom needs some work...

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