Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Am starting to wonder if I'm picking up reading disabilities late in life.

For example: I was behind a heating and cooling truck the other day, and I glanced up at the name of the company. Lost Cow. Well. Hmm. Interesting name for a heating and cooling company, but certainly memorable.

Then I glanced at it again. Ah. Low Cost. That made much more sense, but it caused me to question why I'd read it wrong in the first place? Was I subconsciously thinking about lost cows?

Fast forward a few days. I was reading an online article about the dying Lockerbie bomber being released from prison and at the end of the article was a poll.

It read: What do you think about al-Megrahi's disease?

Huh? They really want to know how we feel about his end stage cancer? As if, do we think it's divine punishment?

But then I reread the question, because it just didn't seem like something poll-worthy. It said: What do you think about al-Megrahi's release?


Now that makes much more sense, as a poll. But again, why I had I read it wrong in the first place? Was I focused on his disease rather than his release?

Strange. And a little unsettling. Makes me wonder what else I've read wrong lately!


  1. Oh my, you made me laugh bright and early this morning. I thought I was the only one who does this. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes I just wonder if my estrogen levels are so low at this point in my life that I just can't read right.

  2. Elizabeth, I'm pretty sure we can blame everything on estrogen!

  3. Too funny! I'm guessing we're just distracted. I look at everything with only half my brain operating....

    Elizabeth (lots of Eliz's out today!)
    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Makes me wonder how nonsensical your next book will be.

  5. Elizabeth, I'm distracted more often than not!

    Theo, you and me both. =:0