Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spotlight On...

Been There, Done That by Carol Snow.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to go back to college and relive it with an adult perspective? Well, in Been There, Done That reporter Kathy Hopkins gets that chance when she goes undercover as a coed to get the scoop of a lifetime. I have to admit, it took me a bit to get into this story (most likely my frame of mind, not the writing) but once I was in, I was hooked. I really loved the Happily Ever After with this one.

Official Synopsis:

A laugh-out-loud, warmhearted debut about a woman reliving her youth (and not just the good parts). Plenty of thirtysomething women would be thrilled to look like a teenager. But journalist Kathy Hopkins wishes she could be taken a little more seriously-or, at the very least, order a glass of wine without producing ID. Now her youthful appearance is forcing her into an undercover assignment she could do without: posing as a freshman at a small liberal arts college where, rumor has it, a secret prostitution ring is flourishing.
It could mean a career-making exposé. But right now, pretending to be eighteen means dealing with a Clay Aiken--obsessed roommate, late-night parties that test her aging body--and most embarrassing of all, a massive crush on a guy who's just turned legal. Suddenly, Kathy's got the chance to do it all over again, hopefully better this time. Fortunately she's a quick learner.

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