Monday, September 14, 2009

So Long, Summer

Technically, fall is still a week away, but it came early around these parts. Leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees; I've pulled the down comforter out of storage; temps are in the high forties in the morning; and for the biggest sign that summer is long gone: I saw a flock of geese flying south the other day. You know when you start seeing geese running (flying?) for the border that it's going to be really cold sooner rather than later.

It might be time to pull out the winter coats, the fuzzy socks, and the sweaters. Or go shopping for new ones. My fall wardrobe IS sadly lacking. I'm liking this idea more and more...


  1. It's here as well. Last night I put the comforter on my bed and this morning I was hopping and skipping on the tile floor. Too cold.

    I need snow boats. Just thinking ahead.

    Have a great Monday.

  2. I love the chilly mornings and the crisp fall weathter. Bring it on!!! I won't be pulling out heavier clothes and blankets for some time.

  3. Dru, snow boats? Is that a typo? If not, I want to know what snow boats are. Sounds kind of fun!

    Melissa--yuck! LOL. I love summer and am sad to see it go. Heck, it never really showed up this year.

  4. yes, it's a should be snow boots.

  5. Heather's complaining. Someone alert the media!

  6. Dru, I was kind of hoping for the boats! :)

    Theo, you're getting crankier and crankier in your old age.