Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV Raves

I'm totally geeked out for tonight's premiere of Glee on Fox. My daughter and I have been waiting all summer for this show, with its depiction of a high school glee club. Such great characters and so much fun. The only snag is that I'm giving a book talk tonight at a local college. Must. Talk. Fast. Just so I can get home in time...

Other current faves:

*Flipping Out. Jeff Lewis is absolutely crazy yet loveable. And Jenny? I don't know how she does what she does with very little complaining. And who doesn't love Zoila?

*Top Chef: Las Vegas. I'm so glad this show is back and I really think these are the best competitors ever. I have so many favorites right now that I only know who I want to be kicked off--not who I want to win (yet!). Can't wait to see what's cooking tonight!

*Ruby. I really love this show that follows an extremely overweight woman as she tries to lose hundreds of pounds. It's truly inspirational to anyone who's faced a personal battle and Ruby herself is just so charming that you can't help but root for her on her journey.

What are you watching these days?


  1. I have to admit I'm hooked on "Secret Life of the American Teenager". It's so unlike anything I've ever watched, but it's very well written with great characters. It just went off until January. Beyond that I'm still mourning the loss of my beloved Guiding Light next week. Cancelled after 72 years, and I've watched it my entire 32. I'm just heartbroken over that.

  2. I was watching Burn Notice and The Closer. Tonight is the last episode of Leverage.

    The Fall TV season can't come soon enough. My programs don't start until Bones premieres next Thursday.

  3. Melissa, my kids like that show, but don't get to see it very often. And I can't believe GH is going off the air, either. Rumor is most soaps will be gone sooner than later. I just find that very hard to believe.

    Dru, I've only seen a couple of Burn Notices (there was a marathon) but I really liked it! Closer is the one with Kyra Sedgwick, right? I've seen that once or twice--liked it a lot.

  4. Heather, yes, Kyra stars in The Closer.

  5. shelley shepard graySeptember 9, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    Shows? Top Chef, of course, though I have to admit to being very partial to Top Chef Masters. I already miss The Closer terribly. I'm looking forward to Bones and The Amazing Race. We just discovered that show last season!

    I heart Ruby, too.


  6. Heather, from what I can tell, you spend all 13 of your waking hours reading or watching TV. Who does the wifely chores around the house?

  7. I watched Glee tonight and loved it. Its actually the first TV show I've really watched since I don't know when. I catch stuff here and there, but have been sticking to reruns. Since Wednesday is one of my few nights home I think this will be come a favorite.

  8. Shelley, I loved how in Top Chef Masters the professional chefs (some of whom had been guest judges in previous seasons) got a taste of what it's like on the other side of the judging table! So fun. Though I missed Padma and Tom!

    Theo, I can multitask.

    Katie, I missed half the show because I was driving home, but loved what I saw! Can't wait for next week.