Monday, October 5, 2009

Shop Till You Drop?

I'm in the minority when it comes to clothes shopping--I'm not a big fan. For myself, anyway. I love shopping for other people. Unfortunately I have to hit the stores this week for some winter clothes. I need sweaters and jeans and maybe some pants that aren't jeans and just generalized WARM stuff.

Part of my shopping blahs come from the fact that nothing really fits. I'm short, only 5' (ahem) 2", so pants are very hard to find and who wants to deal with tailors? Ditto with coats and things like that, but usually sweaters and shirts aren't an issue.

I need shoes, too. Though, I have to admit, I love shoe shopping. I could spend a small fortune on shoes if a) I had a small fortune (I don't) and b) I wouldn't have guilt about spending a small fortune on something so frivolous (I would). I'm actually looking forward to the shoe shopping...

How about you? Love shopping? Hate it?


  1. I'm a shorty, too! Have you ever tried Ann Taylor petites? Sometimes those work for me. I would love shopping if I had the cash the blow... Ahhhh, I remember the old days when I was young and single and didn't have to worry about, you know, real bills, stuff for the kid, car payments, etc. Back then I worked in Harvard Square and am surprised I made it back to work after lunch with all those fun stores!

  2. Hi Jess! I do like Ann Taylor, but that stuff adds up fast! And yeah, I can't imagine working in Harvard Square. Talk about broke! LOL.

  3. I hate clothes shopping, especially in a store and I only buy for me when I have to. If I must buy for me, I'd rather do it online and chance that it fits properly.

    Now, book shopping is another story. I love it.

  4. Hate it. I'm even shorter than you and Jess, at five foot nothing. Pants are a nightmare. Plus my Scottish background won't allow me to spend what I consider "unreasonable" prices, and unfortunately, that inner Scot's price structure seems to be stuck in some other time period, like maybe 20 years ago! My feet are as small as the rest of me, so shoe shopping is even worse than pants shopping. Try finding adult looking shoes in girl's size 2 1/2. Dare ya.


  5. Hate it! I'm 5' 10", but it's not easy for me, either. Sigh. I shop like a man--I march into the store like I'm on a mission, find the clothes, pay quickly and leave!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. 5'2"? How tall are you climb off the phone book?

  7. Dru, if I didn't hate sending stuff back, I'd do a lot more shopping online! I don't have the patience. Have you had good luck?

    Shel, *how* do you find shoes??? Do you have to get them specially made?

    Elizabeth, LOL on the marching image. I'm with you on that. And 5'10" sounds really nice to me!

  8. Heather - well, when I was a teenager and Cinderella Shoes of Dallas still existed, I used their mail order. Alas, they are no more, so I do the best I can with kid's size athletic shoes for work, and pad the heck out of size 5 pumps for dress.