Thursday, November 5, 2009

Supporting Cast

I'm slowly wrapping my brain around the new plot of Absolutely, Positively -- and I'm liking it. My writing voice fits the quirky nature of the story, the characters.

I sent Lucy to a suspect's house yesterday, not really "seeing" in advance the new character. Yet the minute she opened the door (actually, before, when we hear her yelling through the whole house) the character came alive. She's bigger than life, over the top. She's a little bit cliche yet you can see there's more under the surface. For example, she's wearing a trashy spandex tube top in the dead of winter, yet she's making a gourmet dinner from scratch. She has barbed wire tattoos around her biceps but she's listening to classical music. I love when characters make you think about who they really are and reinforce that first impressions aren't always the right ones.

If you've read my previous books you know how much I love secondary characters. To me they make the book come alive. This particular character will be around throughout this whole book, and I'm looking forward to having some fun with her--and trying to figure her out.



  1. Go Celtics! Wooooooh!

  2. That's my favorite part! Figuring out a new character and what makes them tick. Have fun! :)


  3. You're teasing us and I like it.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth. It is fun! And LOL, Dru.