Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ever make a completely stupid mistake?

I'd like to say I haven't, but mistakes around here happen frequently and are almost always my fault. I have no excuses. Not good ones anyways.

The latest goof?

My daughter has trumpet lessons on Monday nights. Her teacher's house is a good 25 minutes away. We were about two minutes from his place when we realized we'd forgotten the trumpet.


Sure, sure, my daughter could share the blame in this (maybe mistake making is hereditary?). But really, isn't it a mom's job to double check pesky little details like making sure we have possession of the trumpet before we leave the house for trumpet lesson?

Well, long story short, we rescheduled for tonight. Watch, we'll forget the music.

The funny part was this morning as I dropped my daughter off at school: I was reminding her that I'd be picking her up today since she'll (again) be bringing her trumpet home.

She looked at me and said, "No one needs to know what happened last night."

Ah, she's learning fast about post-mistake embarrassment.

I'm hoping she doesn't read this blog...


  1. How is #3 supposed to learn personal responsibility if you keep making excuses for her? Shame!

  2. Mason, I just may do that! That's a great excuse. :)