Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dreaming of a White Thursday

As I write this, it’s Wednesday night and the kids’ school has already called and delayed school for two hours tomorrow in “anticipation of the weather” and to “assess the accuracy of the weather forecasts”. Amusing, no? This is what happens when snow is forecasted to start falling at the same time the high schools start.

I’m glad they called tonight, rather than doing the whole wait and see thing tomorrow. And I’m thinking tomorrow will be a snow day—as well as Friday. Cincinnati doesn’t do snow well. The predicted 3-6” will cause quite a tizzy.

What really amazes me is technology. Remember when we were kids and actually had to tune into a radio to find out if we had school? Nowadays there are tickers running at the bottom of every major local TV station and the school actually has an automated calling system to get the word out to students. Very high tech, which makes me feel slightly old—mostly because the only radios we have in use are in the cars!

I’m hoping for another couple of snow days… It almost feels like vacation around here. And who doesn't like vacation--even if it's snow covered?

8AM update: It's snowing! Schools are closed. Kids are still snuggled up in bed, dreaming of the homework they won't be doing tonight.


  1. I hope you get your snow days.

    How come it never snows here on a Sunday night extending into Monday so transportation stops where I can have an "adult" snow day?

    Have a good Thursday.

  2. Dru, my husband wishes for more of those snow days too. Around here, we have to have a level 3 snow emergency (NO ONE on the roads) before he'll get work off. He's had one in the fifteen years we've lived in Cincinnati.

    Here's hoping for a lot of snow your way Sunday night!

  3. My godson is soft.

  4. As a kid, I always thought it would be great to have a snow day. But, living in the City of San Diego, it has never happened in my lifetime. Though, we do get snow occasionally in the local mountains, and the kids in the little towns there do get snow days a couple of times a year. They look like they are having a blast when they show them on the news (because this will be the lead story no the local news stations...snow! If it snows in the local mountains, people do not stay indoors at all....they get the sleds out because it might only happen once during the winter. Have a fun snow day with your kids!!!