Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bigger is Better?

I finally broke down and did it.

I bought a big purse.

Over the years I've gone from teeny-tiny to small to smaller-medium. But when I couldn't fit my planner, my bookmark holder-thingy, my wallet and my phone in my current purse, I knew it was time.

It's a little like going from a Toyota Corolla to a Suburban and feels a bit like I'm carrying a backpack but it works! I even managed to put a paperback in there last night and it wasn't the least bit crowded. I'm totally loving it.

There are bigger purses (*eyes aglow*) but I'm what people might call petite, and I'm afraid if I go any bigger, like to a satchel (*eyes aglow*) I'd tip over. As you might be able to tell, I love purses. And tote bags. Sigh.

Are you a big purse or a little purse kind of person? (Sorry to any guys out there!) And do you call it a handbag?



  1. I think I've called it a little bit of everything. For years I didn't carry one. Keep everything in the car (not always a good idea). I try to carry a small one, but nothing I need fits so I carry a medium size one. Has lot of room and unfortunately I keep putting "stuff" in it. About once a week I have to stop and clean it out. LOL. I don't collect purses (really hate changing), but I do collect tote bags. Oh my. Everytime I go in a store that has one, I have to get it. I always seem to forget and leave them at home too. I use them for everything - books, yarn, knitting projects, paperwork I need, etc.

  2. I've got nothing to add.

    Go Red Sox!

  3. Right now I have a medium size crossbody bags for my personal stuff and a backpack for my books and items I may pick up during the day.

  4. I'm a purse fanatic...love the quilted Vera Bradley-style bags, altho I buy the knock-offs, not the real thing (I'd rather spend my money on books!) I usually go with medium-size tote-like bags, I carry a lot of stuff LOL

  5. My current purse is medium-sized, but has a black hole in it. LARGE objects go in and are never seen again. It particularly likes to swallow pens and hair brushes.

  6. I'm a wristlet person..a wallet on a string. Big enough to carry cards, cash, chapstick/lipgloss and my phone (which is small). But if I need more space for say a paperback, some touch up makeup, a notebook, I'm a small to medium kind of girl. I really need to adjust to something larger though. I just hate having to dig through an endless cavern to find whatever it is I need. But I'd really like to be able to add my current knitting project to the stash, just in case. Time to go shopping!!!

  7. I could write a book about my love affair with purses (not handbags!). I have a bunch and I try to rotate them every couple months when I get sick of one. I try my hardest to only buy one a year, but it's hard. And I'm not buying the expensive, fancy stuff, either. I'm a Target, Kohl's and TJ Maxx kind of girl.

    I usually like large purses, but I hate how things get all lost in the bottom. I'm still in the phase of life of needing to carry a diaper and a sippy cup, and I want my small camera with me at all times, and of course there's my wallet, phone and on-the-go makeup. And recently I got really smart and figured out that if I carried a Ziploc bag in my purse, my hand sanitizer and lotion wouldn't leak. Genius, I know.

    So yeah, I'm a big purse girl. It must only have one strap, it must zip, and it must have some sort of pocket on the outside for my phone. And I don't like overly-thin or overly-thick straps. Lately I'm into the quilted style, but I'm not paying mega bucks for Vera Bradley.

    Wow, that's a long comment. I'm kind of a jerk about my purses, I guess. ;)

  8. I have a backpack for school, a bag for the laptop, and four purses: two are ones I knit (one for nice nights out, the other for every day use and holds everything I swear!), one is a larger purse that I recently acquired from a friend that I'm loving, the other I purchased from etsy and is for spring/summery times.

    I won't buy a large large purse due to my short stature either.

  9. Mason, oooh, you have to get yourself to Target. They just put out a ton of spring totes...

    I'll second that, Theo.

    Dru, I like those criss-cross bags, too. I bet they're perfect for the city.

    The Vera Bradley-type bags are really nice, Melissa. And I buy knock-offs too. My new purse came from Target.

  10. Lorna, those black holes are so annoying! I'm always losing my Blistex. Just disappears.

    How do you manage it, Amy? Those wristlets are so cute but I just need more space!

    Hi Mississippi Mama, not a jerk at all! I'd say passionate. I can relate. :) And when you have little ones, a bigger purse is a must!

    Katie, I bet your knitted purses are amazing... And I bet that backpack is getting a lot of use these days.

  11. I hate carrying a purse, mostly because I find them awkward and don't really know how to hold one without looking like a dork. I am deficient in basic "girl" skills.

    The one I have right now is small, and the handles are too tiny for me to even wear it over my shoulder. I'd really like something that's across-the-body.

    But across-the-body bags tend to be too small for my stuff or big enough to sleep in.

    What I really need is to make myself a bag ... but one with lots of pockets, so I can carry stuff *and* find stuff. So as soon as I finish my WIP and the next proposal, reorganize my pantry, refinish my kitchen cabinets, and repair my tub, I'll get right on that. :)

  12. Wendy, have you thought about a backpack-style purse? Cute, functional, and you just throw it over a shoulder? One like this:

    You know, as soon as you get all that other stuff done... LOL.

  13. well, the way I look at it, if you have a small purse, you cant FIT anything in it and if you have a big purse, you cant Find anything in it... size doesn't matter, cute-ness does! LOL

  14. I'm definitely on the large-size purse band wagon. To be honest, I don't like carrying a purse, but since I have to carry a billfold for my driver's license and credit cards/money, I need something to keep it in since I don't always have adequate pockets. So, then, since I have to carry one, it might as well carry a book--I HATE being stuck waiting somewhere without something to read--and other essentials like pens, pencils, my purse calendar, etc., etc., etc. I like the quilted ones, since they tend to be fairly light-weight, even with my stuff in them. And I always call them purses. And, Heather, I must ask what is your bookmark holder-thingy? LOL

  15. I love totes...vera bradley, leather, canvas... Not too big or small is best.

  16. Heather, I'm not sure if I'm unfortunate or fortunate that the nearest Target is about an hour drive from me. That will keep me from going, but it does sound tempting.

  17. Brandi, well, I think you may be right--on all accounts!

    LOL, Carol, that's exactly how it is! My bookmark-holder thingy is a plastic envelope that I keep bookmarks in just in case I suddenly need to whip one out and hand it to a stranger. *g* It's about the size of a #10 envelope, but it's rigid so the bookmarks don't get squished.

    Anon, totes are quickly becoming a weakness of mine. I *love* them. My new bigger purse is a faux leather tote, on the smallish size for a tote, but big for a purse. If that makes sense, LOL!

    Mason, ooh, that's a tough one. If you're out to save some money and stick to a budget, then you're fortunate. But very unlucky in the way that you're missing out on all kinds of fabulous-ness. It might be worth the drive to check out the tote bags, though. :)

  18. For me, the bigger the purse, the more I start carrying around. There were times I started carrying around first aid supplies, an extra clothes for the babies (kids), extra snacks, books, pens, paper, - sheez, all kinds of stuff until I was carrying a mini-household around. I try now, to keep to small purses, but they are stuffed full. Sometimes I can't even close them. I might need a bigger purse.....

  19. Hi Mardel, LOL on the mini household. It's true--the bigger the purse the more we'll put in it--but a small purse just isn't enough for the essentials. What's a girl to do?

  20. I don't carry a purse--but--I do carry a backpack--a real backpack.

  21. I am a serial killer of purses and bags. I overload them until they come apart, some more quickly than others. Usually the pockets tear, then the straps. I do best with a backpack, but that's not always the best option.