Friday, February 12, 2010

Picture of the Day


Credit: Mr. Webber
(click to enlarge)
Do you think that's the avian version of ice cream?


  1. Wow! That's frosty looking. I *was* feeling sorry for the birds on our feeder, but now I'm thinking they have it easy... (although snow is in the forecast for NC today).
    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Love it. It reminds me of those shaved ices.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Are you hoping for snow, Elizabeth? You probably don't get much, right?

    And Dru, I love, love, love shaved ice. MMMM.

    If you check out my Facebook page today, I have pictures of the FROZEN FOG from this morning. Talk about brrr.!/pages/Heather-Webber/107003867409?ref=nf

    (You don't need a FB account to see the page--only to comment.)

  4. What a cute photo. But I think the bird has a look that's saying, "I'm tired of pecking through ice, give me summer." :) I don't see how they can stand it.

  5. Love, love your hubby's pics! Being a new blog reader I don't know the background though. Is he a photographer?...a love of birds...?...perhaps both...

  6. Hi Kristin--he's not a professional, but he does love photography--and is really good at it. And he does love birds and all wildlife. Especially birds. :)