Monday, March 8, 2010

To Cut Or Not To Cut

That is today's question.

And no, I'm not talking about taking a red pen to my manuscript (been there, done that). I'm going all girly-girl today and talking about my hair.

I've been growing it out since summertime, and it's now a couple inches past my shoulders. And yeah, okay, it's nice when I take the time to blow dry and round-brush and flat iron and hot curl it, but who has time for all that every day?

I think it might be time for a cut. But how much? An inch, two? Five? I've had super short hair before--in high school--what I call my Peter Pan cut. It was cute at the time, but I don't think I could pull it off now. Chin length? Not sure. Chin length usually means no pony tails, which in girl-world is the saving grace of a bad hair day. Shoulder length? It's what I'm leaning toward. But then do I add layers or keep it one length?

And when I start thinking about all the possibilities (also known as how many things might go wrong), I begin to question if I really need a haircut after all... Which leads me back to cut or not to cut?



  1. Well, I'm no help here. The last time I had my hair cut (other than my bangs) was in a Farrah Fawcett style. I you remember that style that was in the late 70s (my cut was in '77). When my hair is down, it comes to between my knee and my calf. I wear it braided in a ponytail that I can sit on. I threaten everyday to cut it, but just haven't followed through with it yet.

  2. Do it! Cut, cut! There is nothing like getting rid of a few inches to make you feel freer! I had my hair long for years, and going shoulder=length or shorter with layers saves me sooooo much time. Once in a while I grow it out, thinking that something will come together and I'll have Victoria's Secret hair with little work. Never happens, so I cut it all off again. Do it!

  3. Do what ever makes you happy, but shoulder-length will probably solve everything.

    Will you post your new haircut on the blog?

    Have a good Monday.

  4. I had this problem a few weeks ago, hair just a few inches below my shoulders. I asked my friends. They told me to tell the person cutting my hair to cut 2-3 inches off and long layers. I love it, still able to do a pony tail (a must!).

  5. Just do whatever your husband tells you. Good advice for all situations!

  6. MC--WOW! That's some long hair. I can't imagine growing mine that long. Do you think you'll ever cut it?

    Jessica--that darn Victoria's Secret! How do those models get that hair???

    Dru, we'll see on that picture. :) First, I need to get the cut. Btw, I love your pictures of the beach on your blog!

    Katie, I think I need the layers, too. My hair is too fine to go without...

  7. I just got five inches off my hair, even though it is still long. It feels healthier and made me lose some weight which isn't so bad!!

    It's hair...go for it! Besides, spring and summer is coming~you can always wear a fashionable hat if you don't like it.

  8. fine hair must be hereditary. I have it too. bah humbug.

  9. Tonya, your hair must have been REALLY long before the cut. And you're right--hats are great.

    Katie, I'm with you on the bah-humbug.

  10. Do you trust your hairdresser? I would ask her what she thinks. I also have hair a few inches past the shoulders with a few layers. Last time I had highlights and lowlights put in and I love them- not blonde, but caramel colored. I think that would look good with your hair and skin tones.

    And DEFINITELY long enough for a ponytail!

  11. My hair used to hang halfway down my back, but I have worn it chin to shoulder length since college. I can't go shorter because I need something to play with, and have found I get far fewer headaches than when it was really long.

  12. Well, it's still long enough for a ponytail. A stubby ponytail, but I'll take it!