Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've slowly come to realize I have trust issues.

Take the post office, for instance. I have definite issues with them. I'm always amazed when a package actually arrives on time and not days late--or lost altogether. Email is another. Did it go through? Are emails to me bouncing? (Me, neurotic? Noooo.)

Lately, I've had to do a lot of online shopping, which for those of us with trust issues is a huge leap of faith. I've ordered bookmarks, tote bags, buttons, postcards... And surprise, surprise all have been trustworthy. And with some the customer service has been outstanding.

So maybe I need to trust just a little bit more... Just a little bit--let's not go crazy here. My first stop--Avon. Annette, you have an order coming your way.

Anyone else with trust issues out there? Anyone been really burned by an online site?



  1. I'm very reluctant to use online retailers that I've never heard of, since one took my money and ran (I did have BBB go after them and got my mney back). If they sell something that I truly want, then I research them fully before doing giving them my business.

  2. I'm afraid I got burnt once with an online order. A number of years ago I bought a video game through an online company. I waited on the game, it didn't show up so I e-mailed the person I had purchased it from. Long story short, he informed me I HAD to have the game no ifs ands or buts. I didn't have it. A year later the game is delivered. And no the postmark was current, not a year old. Go figure. I'm very cautious now.

  3. I'm happy to report that all my recent online dealings have been *wonderful*. The Deadly Diva tote bags and my Avon order (fast!)arrived today and both are wonderful.