Thursday, April 22, 2010


* I started writing a post for this blog this morning and lo and behold it morphed into something bigger, so I'm saving it for tomorrow over at the Cozy Chicks. So please pop over there tomorrow and check it out.

* I've been cleaning. Crazy, I know. My office is...well, it's less scary. I wouldn't exactly call it clean, but it's getting there. I can see my desktop, which is a small miracle. I still need to find a place for 60 Deadly Diva tote bags, because, really, they can't stay in the middle of my office much longer. The huge box they're in makes for quite the obstacle. There are times (becoming more frequent) where I wish that I had a storage unit.

* My garden is looking so pretty. I need to take some pictures to show you. We still need to put down some fresh mulch, but the azaleas are about to open, the white viburnum has bloomed, I have wave petunias planted, and the pink dianthus are just about to bloom. I love this time of year, where the grass and trees are bright green and the color just explodes against it.

* I'm already packing for Malice (near D.C.) and the Festival of Mystery (near Pittsburgh) next week (I leave Thursday morning). At Malice, I'm donating a basket filled with all kinds of goodies, but the best item might just be the brand-new ARC of Deeply, Desperately! How exciting is that? But, er, I hope it gets here in time. Still waiting for it to arrive. Am trying not to stress over that one teeny tiny little detail...

Have you been cleaning and planting? Any summer plans yet?

My somewhat clean desk. You should have seen it before!


  1. I haven't really started cleaning my place yet, I'll wait till I can open up all the windows, which I hope is soon.

    I have three trips planned: next week I'm in Virginia; then in June I'm headed to North Carolina (nephew graduates from middle school) and then in August I'm headed to the Pacific Northwest (I like saying that).

    Have a good Thursday.

  2. No plans for the summer. I do hope to do something with my herbs this year besides let them die like I did last year.

    The cleaning bug is starting to bite at me in little bits. Now as for those "tote bags" you have in your way we really need to help you with that problem. LOL.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Malice and the Festival of Mystery. I'm sure DEEPLY, DESPERATELY will arrive in time to be included. Just got to have a faith or keep telling yourself that so as not to stress too much.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Have a great time at Malice and Festival of Mystery!

  4. Dru, I wish we could open windows from time to time, but too many allergies in this house. With pollen at record highs, that would be disaster! I've never been to the Pacific Northwest (that IS fun to say!), but maybe someday...

    LOL, MC. I thought of you when the tote bags came in. Unfortunately they're not solely mine to give away... And good news, Deeply is in transit! YAY!

    Thanks, Nikki! I hope you have a blast at RT.