Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comfort Zones

I think the older I get the more clearly defined my comfort zones become. Over the years my tastes in hotels have changed drastically--no longer is the cheapest the best option. For instance, I used to be able to put up with the faint smell of cigarette smoke lingering in the room--now, I'm either switching rooms or switching hotels. Just can't stand it.

Yesterday, on my way home from Pittsburgh, I needed to stop for gas. Now, usually, I'm picky. I'll only stop at bigger interstate stations (TA, Pilot, etc), because I feel relatively safe there, the bathrooms are usually clean, and they have a great selection of junk, er, snack food. But yesterday I found myself on a stretch of I71 that was fairly desolate--and I was in need of gas. So, I reluctantly pulled off at a roadside station, the only one in this small farming community. Oh boy. Was I shoved out of my comfort zone. Dark, dingy, lots of men just hanging around. I. Couldn't. Wait. To. Get. Out. Of. There. I would have kept on going if only I'd known ten miles down the road there was a Pilot...

Well, I survived. The bathroom was bypassed, as was the snack food, but the car had gas--and it got me home safe and sound.

My next road trip is in a month--back to Chicago for Printer's Row Lit Fest, and I'll make sure not to let the gas get so low again!



  1. Welcome back!

    I definitely know that I prefer my comfort zones and try not to stray too far from them.

  2. Heather, is there some sort of schedule for Printer's Row, or am I just supposed to wander around til I see someone I recognize? *grin*. (I can always look for that scarf I made you...)

  3. Hi Shel, there is a schedule--somewhere. LOL. The actual panel schedule isn't out yet, but the signing schedule for teh MWA booth is set, except for some of us who have Saturday panels... Clear as mud, right? Can't schedule the signings until we know panel times, so we're all winging it and signing when we can. As soon as I know more details (closer to the date) I'll send you an email.