Monday, May 24, 2010

The Heat is On

Okay, really, that should be, the air is on. As is, the air conditioning. Ahhhhh. We thought we could hold out till June, but once the humidity set in, all bets were off. Yesterday, the air was turned on. Not low at all--in fact, it was set at 80* but it took the moisture out of the air immediately -- and seeing as how it was 88* outside, it was, in fact, cooler.

When I was growing up in Massachusetts, there was no air conditioning at all. Sure, on a good day we would get a sea breeze, but mostly we were glued to fans all summer. In fact (how funny is this?) when son # 2 was born, it was July and Massachusetts was in the midst of a heat wave. We didn't have air conditioning at home, so when the doc asked me if I wanted to stay another day in the hospital, I took him up on the offer. LOL. Call me crazy, but going home to a sweltering heat just after surgery just didn't sound like fun.

Do you have AC? Is it turned on yet?


  1. I've gone back and forth between the AC and the heater so much in the past month, I don't know if I'm coming or going. We'll have several days of hot, humid weather and then we'll have several days where the temperature dips to the low 40s at night. I think those cold nights are about up for the time being.

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  2. no AC yet, I'm holding out til June since I'm not at the house all day long. I might give in this week, but we'll see. I think the earliest we'll turn it on is during my son #2's birthday party this weekend.

  3. We tried to hold out until June too, but my kids 'can't sleep' with the windows open. I blame it on them but really the humidity got to me too:)

  4. Every time you think about touching the thermostat, your husband dies a little inside.

  5. I haven't had to put the A/C on yet and that's only because I need to get a clean filter for it. I did turn the fan on tonight.