Monday, May 10, 2010


Okay, today's the day.

I will write today.

I've been putting it off, putting it off, putting it off. Oh, I have tons of excuses (some good, some could be better), but no more. I. Will. Write.

Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into this? The thing is, for me, the longer I'm away from writing, the harder it is to get back into it. And really, since that 200 pages in 2 weeks craziness, I've only written bits and blobs here and there.

But now my muse has had time to recover, everything here at home is calm and peaceful, and it's the perfect time to dive back into a fictional world.

The only problem now is deciding which story to work on. Lucy 4 (still un-contracted) or something new? I'm not sure...but I'm leaning toward new. I guess I'll see when I sit down to write which story wants to be told. Cross your fingers that I hear about those contracts soon (I'm always more motivated by deadlines)!


  1. Are you writing?

    Me, personally I say work on Lucy 4 because I know there's more stories to be had with her.

    But write whatever your muse tells you to write.

    Have you written yet?

    Have a great Monday.

  2. I vote for Lucy.

    I agree with Dru...follow the muse.

    I'm having one of those "why did I go into accounting" days. Just had chocolate and yogurt for lunch. I'll still be quesitoning my career choice this afternoon but at a slightly faster level due to sugar intake. :-)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh Lisa, you have my sincere sympathy. I'm currently taking (and probably failing) Accounting 2 at the university level and wondering what the heck I'm doing in this class! I can't even imagine doing it for a career.

  4. Definitely work on new. I have a close friend who didn't get a contract for three and she was halfway through it. Not that you're not~BECAUSE you will, but go ahead and let your muse run with the new one.

  5. Lisa, I'm with Shel! The thought of doing math for a living makes me break into a cold sweat--but thankfully there are people who can do it--and do it well. But personally, I don't see anything wrong with chocolate for lunch...especially in cake form. Just saying.

    I worked on Lucy 4 today, and tomorrow I'm going to work on the new book. Tonya, I really hope you're not talking about the friend I know, too... I was SO hoping for a book three. Sigh. I hope I'm wrong.