Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Not the meat (is it meat?) kind. But the kind that ends up in your inbox and tricks you into viewing or downloading something that you're going to regret.

This morning I *almost* fell for an email I received through my website. It was from "iTunes Online Products," had an email address, and the subject said, "Thank you for buying an iTunes Gift Certificate."

Hmm. I hadn't bought a GC. But there are four other people in the house who use Itunes... But my spidey senses were tingling. All our iTunes accounts are linked to other emails. So I did a quick search of the subject line and within second had my answer. Scam. Inside the email is a link to download your "gift certificate." The link contains a virus.

Okay, I'm thinking some people have too much time on their hands. And darn-it, they're getting more and more clever, aren't they? I can imagine lots of people clicked that link thinking someone sent them a GC.

A handful of friends have also had their Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked recently. Lots of time, energy, and embarrassment to set it all straight. It's a shame, really, that these spammers can't use their talents for good, not evil.

Have you even been spam-scammed? I haven't--yet--thank goodness. I have a sinking feeling it's only a matter of time, though. And LOL, I really feel bad that if any of my friends do become stranded in a foreign country and email me for money that their message will be deleted. Do me a favor if this happens to you--call!


  1. I get a ton of these a day. (Compounded by the fact that several of our business e-mails like AP/AR/info/sales etc, all come into MY inbox). It drives me crazy. Luckily I haven't fallen for it.

  2. I get a the goofy 'I'm dieing and want to give you my millions.' Of course it's in my span file and I delete them.
    Thank goodness you write mystery and can figure it out;)

  3. Some people are so..... mentally evil. It's bad enough that the economy is so bad, people seem to get taken advantage even worse then. They take advantage of people feeling down about money, which makes people more likely to fall for some of these scams.

    Good thing you didn't click on the download. I'm always afraid I'll do something like that on accident.

  4. I keep getting the itunes email, too. Persistent buggers.

    Sometimes people make me so cranky. Esp. like Mardel said--when they go after people already struggling.

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