Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Official

It's summer vacation. The kids' last day of school was last Friday. Last night they were fairly giddy that they had no homework and no definitive bedtime. Currently, they are sleeping in and (I presume) loving every minute of it.

Do you remember those last days of school when you were younger? There was something so wonderful about cleaning out my locker, signing yearbooks, turning in textbooks (wasn't that the best?) and heading home to a summer full of possibilities.
I'm feeling a smidge of that this morning. No, I don't have textbooks or yearbooks to sign anymore, but there is a summer full of possibilities out there. Now, to take advantage of it. What to do, what to do...

Well, first, I'm finalizing plans for a family getaway--to our usual spot in Stowe, Vermont (those are VT pics). And also ordering tickets to Discovery Cove. I'm bringing my daughter with me to the RWA national conference in Orlando in July, and swimming with the dolphins while we're there is a must. Has anyone done this? Please tell me it's worth it!

Then there are the other things I want to do. Write, of course. Read. Lots of reading. Renovate the kids' bathroom...

What are some of your summer possibilities?


  1. ahhhh, summer vacation. Mine is going to consist of...HOMEWORK. Grad classes start today actually. Plus chasing the kids (thank goodness for the pool in the backyard). Enjoy.

  2. Heather, I just noticed a new cover there. Any idea of the release date yet? You know how excited I am to read more!

  3. I'm going to the circus in two weeks.

    I'm looking forward to my trip out west in August.

  4. Every year we have a 'burn your school supply party' and it's become a big deal in our neighborhood and among our children's friends. We are having our party next week and I've already gotten several RSVP's!!
    We go to Disney every year (or a different theme part every year)~we have a condo about 45 minutes from there and it's easy to pop over for the day. We love it and the dolphins are worth seeing your child's face.

  5. Ack, Elie! That doesn't seem right, having homework during summer. But congrats on grad school. The third book, Absolutely, Positively is due out in February!

    Have fun at the circus, Dru! Those high wire acts always amaze me. And you know I'm envious of your August trip!

    Tonya, love the burn the school supply party idea! And LOLOL at the RSVPs. Guess some are more ready for summer than others.

  6. school, school and more school. that's about it. next year, a vacation.