Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost and Found

I was at the pediatrician's office with son # 2 (he has a sinus infection, too, the poor kid--his is much much worse than mine), and saw this sad little vignette on the back wall and had to take a picture of the odd little collection. I'm fascinated by the Bible. Who loses a Bible? At a pediatrician's office? 

(credit: son # 2, using his cell phone)

I'm kind of curious how long that library book has been there, and at what point will
 someone just return it to the library on the patron's behalf? 

Have you ever found something and returned it to its rightful owner? I once found a whole bunch of credit cards and a license in a parking lot--looked like someone's wallet had spilled open. I scooped everything up, put it in an envelope and mailed it to the address on the license. If that library book is there next time I go to the ped's office, I may just be making a trip to the library...


  1. Oh! I know your son's pain! I'm all sick with sinus issues right now!
    I have found countless animals and took countless days to find the owners. Once someone mailed my car registration back to me when they found it in a parking lot. This restores my faith in human kindness in a not so forgiving world. Thanks Heather!

  2. I found someone's tote bag left in a taxi and returned it to the owner. Luckily the owner worked in the same building. She must have just stepped out of the cab before I got in.

  3. I used to find stray teenage boys sleeping in my basement rec room when my own sons still lived at home. I usually returned them to their moms.

  4. LOL, Linda. I don' think you were supposed to give them back.

    Tonya, I hope you feel better! I think that was karma, having your registration sent back to you, for being so nice to those lost pets.

    Dru, I bet that tote bag owner was relieved--I would have been!

  5. Heather - What are you thinking? If I didn't give them back I would have had to keep them!