Monday, June 28, 2010

Planning Ahead

It's that time of year.

I bought my new day planner.

I use an academic calendar, one that follows the school year, usually July-July. Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time going through last year's calendar and transferring info over. Phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, that sort of thing.

Then, I safely tucked away my old planner in my filing cabinet with those of years past. Why do I keep them? They're little slices of history. I love going through old planners to see what the family was doing during a certain time period. Some days are so full of activities that info spilled out of the square. Doctors appointment, flight times, band concerts, meeting a friend for lunch, birthdays, trumpet lessons...  Those planners are almost like little pictures into my kids' pasts--and one day I know I'll be really glad I kept them.
Do you use a day planner? Do you keep them, too?


  1. I use Outlook as my planner.

    I use to keep a notebook filled with life's happenings and when I do open it, it does bring back memories especially why I wrote what I wrote.

  2. Nice to know I'm not the only one who keeps old day planners. They are a great way to look back at what was happening at a certain time in your life.

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  3. I carry a Daytimer at work, to the amusement of the staff who expect me to use some sort of PDA or Blackberry. (I guess it's the same as printed book vs. e-book.) And I have always saved the past years. Same with the wall calendar that hangs on the door in our kitchen. Our family history is scribbled on those pages. How could I throw one away?

  4. I try really really hard to keep one. I do well for a week or so then stop. Once the kids are older, I'm sure I'll have to be more of a stickler about it.

  5. Katie, you'll be living by the calendar when the kids are older!

    I could never get used to using an electronic planner. Not sure why.

  6. I don't use a day planner, but I do write everything down on a calendar and keep both old calendars and old address books, along with all my journals. Whoever moves that bin when I move is going to "love" me, lol.

  7. I wish I saved the old calenders from when the kids were wee little. Sometimes hindsight is bittersweet!

    And LOL on moving the bin. :)