Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mmmm, Marshmallows

I've had the worst craving for roasted marshmallows lately. It all started in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, when I was minding my own business and happened past a s'more display. Forget the graham cracker, forget the chocolate (yeah, I said it)-- it was the alluring scent of a bag of perfectly plump tasty marshmallows that drew me closer. I could practically see that little marshmallow impaled on a stick as it crisped over an open flame (burned at the stake?). I like mine a little on the dark side, even to the point where it can catch on fire. Mmm. MMM.

But, I resisted the urge to scoop up the entire display of marshmallows and stuff them in my carriage. We weren't camping (usually the only time we eat roasted marshmallows) any time soon, and toasting them over a gas grill just doesn't seem right.

Yet the craving persists. Every week I have to walk by that display, te sweet smell drawing me in, and every week my resolve gets weaker and weaker. The gas grill idea is sounding just fine these days. And so is firing up the fireplace--so what if it's 90* outside. This is the desperation of the craving. I must have a roasted marshmallow soon. Just one. Okay, two. But soon...

Do you ever get cravings like this? Do you feed them or ignore them?



  1. Maybe it's related to the Fourth of July holiday and all the cookouts that will be going on. BTW, my cravings for usually for chocolate or coffee or both and I have to give in.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind (a very dusty place) I remember hearing about someone trying to roast a marshmallow over a stove eye. I don't think the outcome was good.

    Hope you get a roasted marshmallow soon.

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  2. I love Pringles. I love the tall can of Pringles. I don't buy them often but when I get that craving for them, I have to have them. And the worst part is every time I'm in the store I see them on the shelves. When it comes time for me to satisfy my craving, I can't find them. Darn. But eventually I do and I savor that tall tin can of Pringles.

  3. Not a flood of responses this morning. I wonder if that means most people don't have cravings or don't want to admit to them?

    For me, my response to cravings is pretty simple. A - If I'm not currently on a diet, I give in to them (happily and enthusiastically). B - If I am on a diet, I try very hard to resist. Unfortunately, choice "A" usually leads me back to situation "B".

  4. MC, I'll avoid the stove! LOL. What a mess that would be. I'm with you on the coffee cravings--esp first thing in the morning.

    Dru, aren't Pringles addictive? I love the jalapeno ones, though I try not to buy them. I eat them way too fast and then feel horrible. Ugh.

    Hi Linda! It probably means that not many people read the blog. LOLOL. I would be the worst at dieting as I have zero willpower. I'm amazed by people who do.

  5. Heather - if I truly (madly?) had any willpower, I wouldn't need to be on a diet. :-)

  6. marshmallows ablaze. pure bliss. you almost have me tempted to fire up the grill for some.

  7. marshmallows. Just the way I like 'em!

    I will occasionally give in to a craving, though sometimes what you're craving isn't as good as you hoped. Which happened to me recently. I'd been craving cheesecake, but the store bakery hadn't had single slices in ages, only whole cheesecakes and much as I'd like--there's no way I can eat an entire cheesecake on my own. So weeks later when they finally had slices of cherry cheesecake, I caved--only to be disappointed by the blobby cherry topping. Totally ruined it for me. Sigh...

  8. Katie, I might have to make a trip down to see you...

    Heather, that's so disappointing! And it does happen a lot. Reality can't live up to the fantasy.