Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Only a Writer

I had a nightmare the other day. The kind that makes you want to keep a weapon by your bed for the foreseeable future--just in case.

Let's just say it involved the basement, footsteps, and the inability to escape. I woke up in a cold sweat, realized it was just a bad dream...and started taking mental notes.

Mental notes? Yep. The writer in me was wondering if this dream something I could use in a book. If not the whole scenario, bits and pieces of it. The prickling of the skin, the way the heart speeds up, the fear.

I have to believe only a writer would do that. And I definitely think it was a coping mechanism at that moment, a way to convince my mind the threat wasn't real.

Yet, have I been in the basement since?


How do you cope with bad dreams?



  1. I try to do something that is fun like watch a comedy show, read a funny book anything that'll make me laugh and forget the dream.

  2. Guess it's because of the type of books and TV shows I watch, I try to link what I dream to something I'd watched or read that caused. No matter what, it does make you a little cautious for awhile.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. If it's a bad one - where just waking up the dog for a hug doesn't do it - I head for the TV. Reading won't work because I need the noise to distract my mind.

    And send someone else into the basement first.

  4. Surprisingly, I never have bad dreams, even when reading the latest Kay Hooper thriller, or have just watched a particularly creepy episode of Criminal Minds. But then, I tend toward vivid, active dreams that are slightly on the weird side and leave me exhausted, so maybe there's no comparison?

  5. I guess if all else fails, we have a reason to make brownies for breakfast. I can fully support that kind of coping mechanism.

    Btw, I did go down into the basement today, and I survived. Though, I admit, I was a little heebed out.

  6. YUCK!! I usually don't have bad dreams...but I usually don't sleep well either. So maybe that is my bad dream:/

  7. I had a dream the other night about a skunk in my house only to wake up with my house stinkin' to high heaven and a skunk was under my house...ugh. the writer side of me will for sure use it in a scene somewhere, somehow.... How did I cope? Lots and Lots of air freshener.