Monday, August 30, 2010


-Have you missed Nina Quinn? If so, you can catch up with her at Killer Characters today. SO fun to write from her point of view again.

-I'm working on three proposals right now. Am determined to be done with all three by the end of September. No more procrastinating. No more tweaking. No more rewrites. Just doing it.

-My b-day present from my husband:

It's still on-order--should be here sometime in September. I hope!

-Going out to lunch today with a good friend. Can't wait. :)

-I've been taking more and more time off from the Internet. Have to say, it's nice. I'm reading much, much more, and reading makes me happy. I'm listing current reads in the sidebar now, btw, if you're curious.

That's about it. Life has been fairly quiet lately--which I'm FINE with! It had been crazy there for a while...



  1. Heading over to check out Nina! How fun!


    I know you're going to love that Kindle...

    Glad you're getting those proposals done. Can't wait to see them....

  3. Happy Birthday Heather!

    I love the Odelia's stories.

    You're going to love your kindle. I still have my eyes on the iPad.

    Have a great birthday!

  4. I have the same Kindle preordered, scheduled to ship 9/8 (coincidentally, my birthday!) It's my gift to myself LOL

  5. And I love your sidebar of current reads...I always love seeing what other people are reading :)

  6. Woohoo on the Kindle! I thought about replacing my original Kindle with this new one but hubby would have a cow. It's crazy how cheap they are now! I paid $399 or something crazy for mine! :(

  7. Happy Birthday to the Fabulous Heather Webber!!!

    Enjoy your Kindle....lucky lady :)

    Rachel read Truly, Madly in a day...she wants you to know she LOVED it.

  8. Excellent birthday present - enjoy and have a happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Heather!! Hope you enjoy your new Kindle, I'm jealous now! I can't wait to see what new stories you have in store for us! I'm so excited, hurry up & get them all published!

  10. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new Kindle!

    Gonna go check out Nina Quinn's post now!

  11. Thank you all so very much. It's been a great day, and getting all these b-day wishes has just made it that much more special. I'm truly grateful for all of you. (((group hug)))

  12. Btw, it's also Deb's b-day. Same day, same year. We call each other the birthday twins. I think we were separated at birth!

    Deb, give Rachel a squish for me! So happy she loved the book!