Monday, August 9, 2010

TBR Pile

TBR, as most of you know, stands for To Be Read. As in, books that still need to be read. Books that are sitting on bookshelves, nightstands, desks, coffee tables... Yesterday, I counted my TBR pile, or TBR mountain is more like it.

I have about 68 books to read. Everything from Riley Adams' debut to Janet Evanovich's # 15 to Lisa Kleypas' Love in the Afternoon.

I really shouldn't be buying more books, but I have Lorna Barrett's Chapter and Hearse on order along with Jennifer Stanley's Way of the Guilty, and I absolutely CANNOT wait, will be in line at the book store for, Jane Porter's newest, She's Gone Country.

I just can't help myself from buying books, but I really have to find more time to read them.

How are your TBR piles looking? Any new titles you're looking forward to?



  1. I have Jane's book in my TBR pile too. PLUS I'm getting ready to start the new Lucy Valentine!!!! YIPPEE!!

  2. I have quite the list/pile as well! I am looking forward to the new Jane Porter too and am still waiting for Deeply, Desperately to arrive! Maybe today!

  3. Tonya, you're going to LOVE the new Lucy book. You might not even move from your seat.

    Every time my TBR pile gets smaller, somehow more books are added to the pile.

    I'm patiently waiting Way of the Guilty by Jennifer Stanley,For Richer, For Danger by Lisa Bork, The Double Cross by Clare O'Donohue, Driven to Ink by Karen E. Olson, Buzz Off by Hannah Reed and Scoop TO Kill by Wendy Lyn Watson

  4. The top of my TBR pile contains Montana Dawn by Caroline Fyffe, The Quick and the Thread by Amanda Lee, and Sketch Me If You Can by Sharon Pape.

    I'm also eagerly awaiting Buzz Off, Way of the Guilty and Scoop to Kill

  5. Heather, guess what I found!! The cover is even prettier in person. I can't wait to read it. I am so excited. Hooray for Barnes and Noble.

  6. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that my TBR mountain (books I actually own in print or e-book format) numbers close to 500!!! (Deeply, Desperately is at the top of that mountain). And yet, I still buy books. One I'm waiting on is Blameless by Gail Carriger. Someone once told me that they buy books now - while they can afford them - so they'll have something to read when they are on a fixed income. I've started using that as my excuse.

  7. I think it's clear that we all have great taste in books!

    Tonya, Julia, Elie, and Riva, I hope you all love Deeply, Desperately!

    Dru, I'm not surprised by your TBR pile, though you read so fast I bet you keep up with it.

    Melissa, what's your favorite Western you've read lately?

    Riva--500 books????? Wow. Get reading!

  8. Ah, the dreaded TBR pile! Mine is unmanageable these days. A physical pile occupies the bottom shelf of my night table, an area about two feet cubed, and it is packed with books, big and small. I cannot jam another volume in that space. And then, of course, there is the wish list on Amazon and the to-read shelf on Goodreads. Ah, if only there were time enough to read all I want!

  9. Heather, my favorite westerns lately have been Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy and Alaska Bride on the Run by Kate Bridges.

  10. My TBR pile is more a sprawling mountain rainge, complete with rolling foothills - but it never stops me from buying more. Still need to pick up a few August releases.

    Currently at the top are a few challenge books which includes Aaron Elkins, Elizabeth Peters, and Dorothy Sayers. I plucked Sketch Me if You Can by Sharon pape out of the pile last night. So far I'm liking it!

  11. Hmmm...68 books in your pile? I think you've got me beat. But mine sits there silently calling me when I know I should be doing other things. At the moments I've got Mary Kennedy, Carrie Bebris, Tess Gerritsen, Nevada Barr, Elizabeth Peters, James Patterson, Donna Andrews, Janet Evanovich, and a whole bunch more. And I'm looking forward to reading them all.

  12. I have about 75 in my TBR pile! I'm currently reading Deeply, Desperately and loving it! I'm also working my way through Kate Collin's flowershop series & will be starting Roast Morteum (Cleo Coyle) after I get done with your book. I have a ton of stand alone's to read too, some are mystery some are not. I'm looking forward to Still Missing by Chevy Stevens, will probably start it later in the fall.

  13. I'm currently reading Deeply, Desperately and it's sooooo good. Can't wait to get home from work so I can read.

    My TBR pile includes Roast Morteum, Chapter & Hearse, White Heat (Brenda Novak), Lisa Gardner and Elizabeth Peters to name a few.

    Waiting for Buzz Off to come out.

  14. My TBR pile is out of control. M
    Mostly because I haven't been reading anything in it as I'm rereading old books. I have about two dozen books sitting in piles on various pieces of furniture and should I get really ambitious I have two boxes of unpacked books from when I moved eight months ago.
    Do I still buy books? Most definitely.