Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Race

Stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch the premiere of the Amazing Race. Usually the first episode is one of my least favorites. All the who's who and what's what is a bit boring, but not this year. I think the producers did a great job of mixing up the racers--interesting, though, that there's no married couples (though plenty who still bicker). My early favorites, of course, were eliminated last night. But honestly, if they couldn't read a map, then they weren't going to last anyway. I'll have fun watching them at the Elimination Station.

I keep saying that I'd love to run this race. One thing, one BIG thing, holding me back from applying is that you have to be away from home for a month. I definitely couldn't do that while the kids were in school. Then, ahem, there are the eating challenges. Let's just say I'd need a partner with a strong stomach to do those challenges! LOL! Okay, who am I kidding? I probably wouldn't last a day on the race. But it's nice to think about. :)

Anyway, it's fun to watch the show again. I'll definitely be tuning in every week and see different parts of the world. If you were on the race, which county would you want to see? I'd love to see Scotland.


Watch full episode on CBS: Click here.
Full (snarky) recap via Reality News Online: Click here.


  1. I completely forgot about this show. It must have aired late because I would have seen it when I was trying to find something to watch.

    Can you email me a recap? Please?

    I couldn't do this race because of the food and some of those challenges, like being in the air or in the water.

  2. I forgot to mention I would love to see Italy.

  3. Dru, I put some links at the bottom of the post in case you weren't the only one who missed it. It did run late because of football earlier in the day.

    Some really good teams this year--and so far everyone's playing nice. Wonder how long that will last! :)

  4. Thanks Heather. I'll check them out later this evening.

  5. You already know about me and reality TV so I won't comment on the show, but as the place I'd like to go...yes, Scotland. Also Ireland. We spend a week driving all over England 11 years ago and I've always wanted to go back and see more of the British Isles. (The last name may be Polish but the heritage is British.)

  6. I liked how everyone getting on the second plane out were all hugs and greetings. Just wait a few weeks when they're calling each other bad names.

    I'd love to do the Amazing Race, but I'd be out at the first water obstacle. I can't swim. Well, maybe if they'd give me a floatation device...

    Anyhow, I can drive stick at least. That seems to be a big requirement.