Thursday, October 28, 2010


- I feel like I'm turning into a nag these days. Nag, nag, nag. Between my kids' school exams this week and tons of applications that need to be filled out by son #2, all I do is constantly ask if they've studied, if son has turned in transcript forms,etc. Then there's son #1 who needs (desperately) a job... This is the part of being a mom that's not so fun!

- Am still waiting on writing news. I've learned to become such a patient person since I became a writer. Nothing happens fast in this business.

- Think we're all set for Halloween. Kids aren't dressing up, but my daughter's pumpkin is carved and candy is bought. Can't wait to see all the cute little toddlers.

- I'm thinking I need a vacation soon. Mr. W and I have an anniversary coming up (20 years!) so hopefully we'll be able to sneak away somewhere for a weekend.

- Do you have a kitchen cabinet you're afraid to open because you're in fear of the fallout? The literal fallout? We have one that's so stuffed with cookie sheets, baking pans, and pots lids that I pretty much open it a crack, shove in whatever needs to go inside, and quickly close the door before everything tumbles out. It's scary in there!

- Anyone watching The Biggest Loser this season? I love the show, but I hate the game.

- I haven't been reading at all lately--except for Absolutely, Positively, which needs to go back TODAY. I haven't even cracked the spine on Buzz Off yet. Sad, I know. Strange enough, I'm in the mood to read a thriller. I think I'm going to download a Linda Castillo book--has anyone read her?

-It's Thursday, so I'm over at The Naked Hero talking about some pet peeves. Come on over and vent with me. :)



  1. I've read Linda Castillo's book and they are so good. Read the first one in her series and you'll quickly want to read the second. I think she's working on the third one right now.

    I hope today is a good one and you hear some good news soon.

  2. Hoping good news comes your way!

    I have been ready for Halloween for weeks unfortunately so have my "fat jeans"! Seriously, can't wait to get the candy out of the house. It calls to me, day and night.

    Anyone know where I can buy a bottle of "candy self discipline"?

  3. Dru, that's good to know about Linda's book. I might treat myself tonight. :)

    LOL, Lisa. I kind of like having the candy in the house, but I could use some candy self discipline, too.

  4. Happy soon to be anniversary! 20 years?? You don't look old enough to be celebrating a 20th - did you get married at the age of ten or something? :)

    And yes, I have a scary exploding kitchen cupboard, too. It's the one with all my rubbermaid/tupperware storage containers and almost never opens without sending at least one random plastic lid skidding across the floor. Glad I'm not the only one!

    Cute pumpkin too!