Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confession of the Day

I'm slightly embarrassed to be confessing this, but here goes.

Deep breath.
credit: Mr. Webber

The other day I was driving along, and I spotted a large hawk downed in the middle of a four lane busy road. It was so sad to see it there, its feathers still fluttering in the wind. They're such majestic birds, and we have tons of them in this area but I'd never seen one hit by a car--usually they keep their distance from humans and human activity (but guard those small pets!).

So I was all melancholy as I got closer to it...until I realized it wasn't a hawk at all.

It was a phone book.

Yeah. Might be time to see the eye doc.



  1. This made me chuckle because I frequently have a little surge of sadness for that poor creature I see in the road, only to find out as I get closer it's not an animal at all.

    But I have mixed feelings about hawks. Beautiful creatures, of course, but when I get one hanging around I have to stop filling my birdfeeders. Otherwise, I'm not giving them lunch, I just baiting a trap.

  2. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I don't like seeing injured animals in the street.

  3. Ok, dear, I have something that should make you feel better. I buy tagless teabags. Last night after I made tea, I squeezed them out and left them on a saucer on the counter. Well, I forgot to throw them away. Sometime in the middle of the night, I guess one of the cats decided a used teabag would make a neat plaything and knocked one into the floor. I got up this morning (and I had my NEW glasses ON), saw the dried teabag lying in the floor, and thought it looked like the brain of a small rodent (that the cats had probably tried to gift me..) So I go get a plastic bag to pick it up..only to discover it was a used teabag...
    Who needs an eye appointment?? Or maybe I should skip that and head straight to the psychiatrist...

  4. First I was sad (never like to see a bird or animal dead in the road :( ) and then I laughed about the phone book. Funny post!

  5. I was really glad it was the phone book! I don't like seeing any critters in the road, either.

    LOL, Shel!

    Btw, Linda, I'm loving the pictures you've been posting on your FB page. Gorgeous!

  6. Hahahaa! Well, you have been working on your computer alot. Maybe your eyes are a tad bit off.

  7. Thanks Heather! We have not been back to New England since then, but I really want to go back. I know you love Vermont too! I've seen your posts about your vacations there and when I read them I always think, "I need to plan another trip there." And someday, after the hubby has retired, I want to spend an entire Fall back there, to really experience it. And then when it gets too cold for my wimpy southern California self to take, I'll come back home. :)