Thursday, November 4, 2010


- I am so spoiled! I've been without garage use for what, three days?, and I'm already whining about getting into the cold car in the morning. I used to live in Massachusetts, where 100 inches of snow a year wasn't unusual ,and I didn't have a garage back then... These freezing mornings are nothing compared to that. Nothing. Yet, whine, whine, whine!

-I'm molting!!! About twice a year my hair starts to fall out. Not huge clumps or anything, but more than normal. It'll get really thin along my hairline, then in a month or so, regrow. Happens to my daughter, too. Anyone else?

-Tonight, I'm making tortellinis for dinner. I love this meal because it's EASY. Boil water, dump in tortellinis, heat some sauce...done. Gotta love easy dinners.

-Did you hear that House's viewer-ship is down 35% this season? Seems people don't like House being nice. I'm not crazy about his relationship with Cuddy, but other than that, I'm still enjoying the show. Are you all still watching?



  1. Hey, Heather,

    I met you at the Cincinnati Books on the Banks and it was a pleasure. I also got both your books and thoroughly enjoyed both. You've got a great premise there, and I love Lucy. Thanks for giving me advice on how to get published and for the happy hours reading TRULY, MADLY AND DEEPLY, DESPERATELY.

    Hope you remember me, we talked for awhile, but I know you were covered up with people.

    Holly Price

  2. Hi Holly! So glad you stopped by. I do remember you--have you looked into joining OVRWA yet? They're really fantastic, esp. for new writer.

    I'm THRILLED you enjoyed the Lucy books. :) Thank you!

  3. Hmmmm. I'm losing hair, too. I was afraid it was another thrill of old age. Maybe it's just seasonal molting. A much better thought.

    The tortellini sounds great. What time should we be there? (Naw, you're safe. With the start of the new month I climbed back on the diet wagon.)

  4. Linda, good luck on the dieting! I'll try to avoid posting food pics. And I hope you're just molting, too. My grandmother went (mostly bald), so I'm always worried I'm headed that way. Yikes.

  5. I think it's seasonal that you're losing your hair.

  6. The tortellini is a great fast and easy dish that is delicious!

    I love house and Cuddy having a relationship. I want to see him interact with Cuddy's kid!!