Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Wait

It's almost time to start watching Christmas movies. Last night we were quoting A Christmas Story at the dinner table. So funny. We watch that one every Christmas afternoon. My all-time favorite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street, but oddly enough we don't own that one--but it's on the Netflix queue. Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch--love them all. And can't wait to see them.

Do you have a favorite holiday movie?


  1. The original version of "Miracle on 34th Street" is my all-time favorite Christmas movie and for campy movie, I love "The March of the Wooden Soldiers." Then there are the animated movies such as the ones you listed.

    I can't wait for the Christmas movies to begin.

    Thanks for reminding me about Netflix, going over there to reserve my copy.

  2. My favorite Christmas movie, is not a classic, but instead came out 5 yrs ago. It's called The Family Stone & is set during the final days before Christmas day. If you've never seen it, you must see it at least once this holiday season. I watch all year long, but more during this time of yr.

    My other holiday faves are: Home Alone 2, A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation.

    Happy Holidays!
    BJ Miller

  3. Gotta love Netflix! We've been watching old seasons of House, too, catching up. :)

    BJ, I'll have to look that one up. I also love The Santa Clause. So cute!

  4. One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant. As for funny Christmas movies it would be a tie between Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Miracle on 34th Street is my mother's favorite Christmas movie!

    Choosing just one is hard for me. I like The Santa Clause, Love Actually, Polar Express, and White Christmas (even though Betty is a jerk for getting mad at Bob--every year she does it!).

  6. My favorite is Christmas Vacation but I have a soft spot for the Island of Misfit Toys (Rudolph).

  7. My very favorite Christmas movie is The Bishop's Wife. I also love the orignial Christmas in Connecticut. Oh, and I love Hallmark's The Christmas Card, or something like that.

    I can't wait to get out those movies...

  8. Interesting. No one mentioned the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life. That's one of my favorites. And the original animated Grinch (not a movie, I know, but I love it).

  9. White Christmas and Love Actually.

  10. I love christmas movies and just today printed out a list of all holiday movies thru Jan. 1. (Just stamp a big ol' "L" on my forehead right now).
    Anywho, favorite Christmas movie? "A Christmas Story"! I've watched it so many times even my husband can quote from it...and he doesn't like it. But that dear sweet man surprised me on our vacation last month - took me to the actual house the movie was filmed in! Had a great time...all ready for the movie now.

  11. I love Christmas movies! It's hard to choose a favorite since I think I adore all the ones listed here. My all time "classic" favorite is It's A Wonderful Life, but of the more modern ones, I must say I loved Elf! And I think my favorite animated one is A Charlie Brown Christmas. Every year I swear it won't make me cry, but every year I tear up just the same!