Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question of the Day

Is it bad that I prefer E! news to real news?

Just wondering.


  1. I don't watch the news at all if I can help it. So go E! all you want.

    : )

  2. The news as of late has been really depressing.

    I have a thing for Charlie Sheen. I feel really bad for him because he really needs help. His show and life seem to be on the same track. What's the saying about life and art? It's all very twisted.

    Happy Tuesday...almost bird day. Wheeeeee. I'm really looking forward to bird meat on a much grander scale than most days. :-)

  3. You all make me feel so much better! (((hugs)))

  4. Since TV went digital, we got rid of the analog TV in our kitchen and now don't watch ANYTHING. I get all my news (E and otherwise) from newspapers. Boy, am I an antique or what?