Thursday, December 16, 2010


* It's another snow day here, and I love it. Love having the kids home. Love being nestled, all snug and warm in the house while the snow falls outside. This is the second snow day this week, and the kids start their two week vacation on Monday. Lucky kids!

* I'm prepping the house for the company Christmas party tomorrow. By "company" I mean me and my critique partners. Hey, any excuse for us to get together and eat, laugh, and read is a good excuse in my book. Hopefully this snow will be cleared from the roads by morning. 

* Sometimes it's the little things in life that make me happiest. As you all know, I was cleaning the oven the other day, but couldn't get those racks clean for the life of me. Nothing like baked apple pie drippings and caked on melted cheese and various other greases to make me cranky. So I went online looking for tips and found one that said to put the racks in the bathtub (!!!!), cover with hot water and add dishwasher detergent. Let sit for an hour and with a little rubbing everything will come right off. Okay, it sounded way too easy to be true, but I was desperate. So I did it. And oh my gosh, it worked! My racks are sparkly clean. The bathtub was a mess, but hey, small price to pay.

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*  I'm blogging today over at The Naked Hero about tree toppers. Oh, and it's day 4 of our scavenger hunt. The prize today is a sterling silver floating heart pendant and chain. Very pretty.

* Today I'll be wrapping (I might be the world's worst wrapper), and I'll be getting a little crafty too, for one present in particular. I'm looking forward to that!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you.


  2. I have found one thing a huge antique clawfoot bathtub will not do. Soak oven racks. It's not wide enough to lay them flat!

  3. Have another fun snow day! And I might beat you as the world worst wrapper. :)

  4. Dru, busy but productive. Looks like we got about 8" of snow. It's so pretty!

    Shel, if I had that tub no racks would touch it! You could probably get a big flat plastic storage tub. You know, if you're desperate too. :)

    LOL, Linda! We could have a wrap-off! I try really hard to make it look nice and neat but no-go!