Monday, December 6, 2010

No End in Sight

Earlier this month, we finally had son # 2 allergy tested. Out of the 40 scratches, he was allergic--severely allergic--to 24 of them (yikes!).

One of the (many) things he's allergic to is dust.

As it so happens, one of the household chores I like least is dusting. Why? Because as soon as you dust, five seconds later, it's back. There's no end in sight.Which means that the poor kid has practically lived in a dust bowl his whole life (you'd think this would boost his immunity, but nooooo).

Yeah, we won't get into my disqualification from the mom-of-the-year (cough, lifetime achievement) award.

Yesterday, I spent hours in his room dusting, vacuuming, wiping down We're still in the process of figuring out tips and tricks of living with severe dust allergies. Bedding stuff is on-order. Carpet stuff is coming. Knick-knacks, pennants, trophies, etc., probably aren't going anywhere so that means I'll be a dusting fool for the foreseeable future. At least until his allergy shots kick in (about a year!).

Until then, I suppose I don't have to worry about a mom-of-the-year award getting dusty...



  1. MY DH!! He has these same issues. He loves his latex pillow. A little costly, but GREAT!! You can put your son's sports items in shadow boxes and just dust those. We have shadow box city at our house!!

  2. Heather, You are so Mother of the Year!!!! I know the allergy things. I deal with many I'm sure your son does. Dust being one of them. My doctor says there is no sure fire way to keep ALL dust out, but the hepa filters for furnaces help. I think that's what they're called. A vacuum that also has the hepa filter will help. Other than that Swiffer dusters really do lock the dust in not just spread it around. We take off shoes (yes even guests) at the front door to help eliminate dust and other things being brought in. Most people are very understanding about it. For now, that's how we handle it here. Will keep eyes peeled for any new things out there.

  3. I think it was Joan Rivers who said, "If your kids write their names in the dust on the furniture, don't let them put the date. Or least, don't let them put the year." {grin}

    Would one of those electronic air purifier things help in your son's room?

  4. Wow, that's horrible. Allergic to dust... might as well be allergic to air. How do you deal with that?

    And, btw, taking any blame would be akin to, say, a spouse's family members blaming one for causing son's type 1 diabetes... some things just happen and you can't stop them or make them better. You're still up for mom of the year in my book =)

  5. At least you don't make him do the dusting. I have had a severe dust allergy all my life too. My mom used to make me do the dusting!! LOL Dust allergies suck. I sympathize with your son they are NO FUN! ESPECIALLY when the furnace kicks on for the first time of the year and all the dust that has built up in it over the summer starts spewing out into the air.

    I recommend when it starts getting cold out getting him out of the house for a day and running the furnace on high on purpose with all the windows open to air out the house. It helps a little. IT is one of those things no one really thinks about until you are laying on the ground choking from it.

  6. You are definitely mom of the year!