Monday, December 27, 2010

Resolution # 5

It's resolution week for me. And I WILL stick to them this year. Stop laughing--I will.

Resolution #5

Exercise more regularly.

I might even dust off the treadmill. We'll see how far this craziness goes...

(PS: I did mention that these resolutions don't start until 1/1, right?)


  1. Exercise is always on my resolutions list but I don't start until the first Monday of the New Year. My list always includes re-starting my perpetual diet, too, and who can start a diet on a holiday?

  2. This is on my list too, and we actually have started early this year. It's off to the gym tonight for the hubby and me.

  3. Linda, hopefully this is the last year for that perpetual diet!

    Linda Mc, that kinda makes me feel guilty. LOL! I'm still holding out for the 1st, though. The longer I can hold off, the better!

  4. They way I have managed to stick with exercise is by finding FUN things to do that don't even feel like I am exercising - like dance classes or by playing dance dance revolution or Just Dance video games that make you get up and move but since you are PLAYING and having fun it doesn't feel like exercise. :) Good luck with the resolutions.

  5. Exercising is always on my list. I start out gung-ho and then one thing messes it up.