Monday, January 10, 2011

A Hoe Lot of Trouble

I spent most of the past weekend rereading A Hoe Lot of Trouble. This title has been Out of Print a couple of years now, so with the help (she did all the work) of my agent, we got the rights back from the publisher. My thought was to use a print on demand company and sell copies myself because a month doesn't go by when someone doesn't ask me how to find one. What I didn't realize was that I also got back my e-rights. Which meant HOE was no longer available as an e-book. Yikes!

So, I'm taking a crash course in publishing an e-book. First and foremost is making sure the manuscript is fit to print. Since I didn't have a copy-edited version of the book as a .doc, this weekend I went through a print copy of HOE and the old .doc of HOE that I sent to my editor--line by line to sync them up. I'm still not done. It's a tedious process.

I'm learning a couple of things along the way, though. One, I still love Nina Quinn. Two, I miss Nina! Three, I had a love of ellipses. Four, I'm recalling how much the copy editor and I disagreed about certain scenes--and now I have the power to change them back to the way I want (mwa-ha-ha).

From here, I need to format the book for Smashwords. And I need a cover. Not sure I want to hire out--I kind of want to try it myself . We'll see how long that lasts! (anything has to be better than the bloody bunny cover!). Hopefully Hoe will be back online soon. And then I have to figure out Print on Demand. Oh, and try to get the rights to my Steamboat series, too. Oh, and finish a book by March 1st. No problem, right?



  1. Congratulations on getting both your rights back and I look forward to see HOE available so I can add it to my collection.

    Do you think you'll expand the Nina series as e-book entries?

    This is after you finish your March 1st book.

  2. Actually, Dru, all the other books in the series are already available as e-books (or they should be!). Those are still in print by the publisher. Only HOE was out of print. So, cross fingers, they stay that way for a long time to come!

  3. I think it's great that you get to revive Nina! I have this book and LOVE IT!!! There is alot of tedious formatting issues my DH is telling me about so as I'm writing my new WIP, I'm keeping those in mind b/c this novel is going to be an indie pubbled book.

  4. Congratulations on getting your book rights back. Good luck with the re-printing side of it and I'm sure the cover you create will look awesome.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. That's exciting Heather! I have the other Nina books (I got them for Christmas) but of course I couldn't get Hoe. Sounds like you have a lot going on between now and March, good luck with everything!

  6. Yay! I want to read this series and I'm anal about reading series books in order, so I'm excited that the first book will be revived!! :) Very excited!!!

  7. I'm happy Hoe will soon be available again. I adore the series, and want other readers to be able to enjoy it!

    Any hope of more Nina books in the future? *grin*

  8. I had no idea these were out of print! No wonder I couldn't find it in a store.

    I first discovered you when I won the first Lucy Valentine book from Goodreads' First Reads. I went on the hunt for your other stuff and found them all on Paperback Swap. I had to wait a while, but they eventually headed my way. Maybe your readers looking for Nina could find her that way!

    I just finished Digging Up Trouble yesterday, and I'm sorry I've only got two more to go! I'll miss Nina!

  9. I have a Nook now so I can look for these in e-form. Including Hoe, as soon as you figure it out.

  10. Heather, I can help you with the Smashwords stuff if you're interested. I think you have my email, if you don't, message me on Facebook. I don't mean do it for you, I mean give you the guidelines so you can do it yourself.

  11. Congratulations, Heather! Looking forward to the e-version of Hoe. I miss Nina...she rocks! :-)

  12. Thanks, everyone! I'm slogging through it! Learning--and taking notes--as I go. It's an interesting process, and I basically have to unlearn all "normal" manuscript formatting.

    I've already called on Shelly for help (thanks, Shelly!), and I'm sure it won't be the last time she hears from me. :)

    Tomorrow is figuring out a cover. Whether to try myself or hire out. I might post a mock-up here for input!