Monday, February 7, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that Superbowl Sunday is the one day a year my family eats (as a whole family) dinner in the living room? We have our smogasbord of junk food at the ready--last night it was boneless buffalo wings, crispy chicken strips, loaded potato skins, potato chips, dip, pineapple and strawberries--and oh, cupcakes. Total gluttony--which also only happens once a year. Anyway, I digress. It's the one time we eat in the living room. The rest of the nights, we're at the kitchen table because Mr. W and I wholeheartedly love family dinners.

Did you know that I could totally relate to the "Reply All" commercial? I once sent a private email to a "reply all" and almost had myself a heart attack when I realized it. Thankfully a group moderator saved my bacon. Thank goodness.

Did you know that my family actually watched the end of the game? Most years, once dinner is done, and the Patriots aren't playing, then it's nighty-night time. This year, we waited it out. Then it was nighty-night. Well, for everyone else. Someone (cough, cough) had to stay up late and work. Procrastination stinks.

Did you have a favorite commercial last night? Did you even watch the game?



  1. We also eat in our kitchen and not the family room. BUT last night we did b/c of the superbowl. I made a ton of snacks and chili. It was the first time I watched the game too and I was writing so I don't feel so bad now. Doritos was my favorite of course:) And my youngest said, "that lady messed up the anthem just now." WTG! He does know the anthem:)

  2. This was the first time ever that I watched the entire SuperBowl. I think being on Facebook made it entertaining.

    My favorite commercial was the VW/Darth Vadar, The Enimen Chrysler, Simon return.

  3. I don't always watch, or watch all the way through, but being as it was our team in the Super Bowl this year, you can bet we watched. And just about screamed myself hoarse when the Packers won. :)

    CG did an awful job on the anthem, and I don't just mean her flub, I hated the half time show, and found most of the commercials ho-hum -- but loved the little Darth Vader one.

  4. We just saw the end of the game. I had to drive up to LA, and drove during the first few hours of the game. Traffic was great! No slow downs at all (and from San Diego to LA to have no slowing ever is practically a miracle). I guess game time is a good time to be on the roads.